Tuesday 22 February 2011

The Marketing byAssociation conference will be a mix of case studies and workshops delivered in a peer environment with plenty of time for questions and answers. A stand-alone Master Class conducted by Nancy Schwartz and limited to 30 participants provides an additional incentive to attend.

8.00am – 9.00am Delegate Registration
Welcome tea and coffee
9.00am – 9.20am Opening and Welcome
9.20am – 10.20am Keynote- Breakthrough messaging: How powerful messages connect with your target audiences to motivate action
Non-profit marketing expert and blogger Nancy Schwartz of Nancy Schwartz & Company will reveal the secrets of an effective message platform and outline steps crucial to its success.More
10.20am - 10.40am Morning Tea
10.40am - 11.20am Strategic Planning - The key to your organisation's future
Identifying and strengthening your organisation’s core purpose can provide focus and direction, thereby aligning overall goals and outputs. Clarity around these aspects has increased membership and has been key to Franchise Association of New Zealand‘s growth.

Graham Billings, CEO shares how having a clear plan has improved responsiveness to members’ needs, directed resources to areas critical to the association’s progress and focused attention on actions that make a positive impact upon long-term stability and growth.
11.20am - 12.00pm Rejuvenate your organisation, reverse member and volunteer decline
Business associations, charities, non-profit organisations and small businesses all face the same challenges. Not enough money, not enough people, not enough time. How can we plan for the future when we’re struggling to manage day to day? Keith Norris, president of one of New Zealand’s most successful golf clubs reveals how he addresses these issues with Titirangi Golf Club.

No matter how successful you are today you must be planning new services, products or projects ...staying where you are is not an option. Do you really know who your customers are? Then you should be able to find more of them. But maybe you need to target a whole new audience to be relevant in tomorrow’s world?
12:00pm – 12.45pm Lunch
12.45pm - 2.50pm
Stream 1
The Breakthrough Messaging Master Class: How to craft a marketing plan that moves people to act now
By finding and developing your unique story, you can outline a roadmap for your organisation to move forward and stay in that path. Walk out of this workshop with an action plan for immediate implementation. More
Stream 2 Workshop 1- Strategic Relationships: The cornerstone of a progressive organisation
How can you as an association or charity harness the true power of your relationship with your stakeholders? Don Oliver of United Way New Zealand will take you through some of the ways his organisation prioritises relationships which have been vital to its success. Find out how to clearly understand what your donors’, volunteers’ and partners’ needs are and what they value most, so as to make every relationship valuable to all parties.

Develop a strategy that engages stakeholder groups including corporate, philanthropic, community and individuals in aiming for and achieving a common purpose.
Stream 3 Workshop 2- Marketing: The forefront of organisational thinking
As the business organisation for New Zealand's Marketers, the Marketing Association has members ranging from the country's largest corporates to individuals – approximately 4,000 Marketing professionals - and is committed to stimulating business success through best practice marketing.

Join Sue McCarty, CEO as she demonstrates how the Marketing Association developed their brand promise, identity and story, implementing simple product-to-market actions. Gain a unique insight into the tools and methods they used, working with Sue to uncover how you can apply them to your own situation simply and effectively.
2.50pm – 3.10pm Afternoon Tea
3.10pm - 5.00pm
Stream 1 Master Class Continued
Stream 2 Workshop 2 (as above)
Stream 3 Workshop 1 (as above)
After the Conference

There will be regular follow up monitoring of actions from the Master Class and workshops.
You will know that effective marketing communications will enable you to achieve more members, donations, volunteers and leaders for your organisation, improving its standing among the multitude of 60,000 incorporated competitors.*

*A messaging survey early this year showed that 84% of non-profits used messages that connect ‘just somewhat or not at all’. This was confirmed by a similar survey in 2009 of over 900 non-profit communicators- only 16% of respondents said that their entity’s messages ‘connect well with their network’.


Breakthrough Messaging:How Powerful Messages Connect with Your Target Audiences to Motivate Action

What if You Could Connect Quickly and Consistently with the Very People Your Association or Charity Needs to Thrive?

Effective messages are the leading way your organisation will get conversations started with the people you need to engage to build your membership and move your mission forward. There’s no convincing without connecting.

Without strong messages, there’s no way you’ll build mutually-satisfying relationships with the passionate members and supporters you need to meet your organisation’s overall goals.

Non-profit marketing expert and blogger Nancy Schwartz will reveal the secrets of effective messaging and outline steps crucial to its success. You’ll learn how to shape these key messages and how to deliver them; directly, via online and offline communications channels, and by training and motivating your staff, members and larger network to serve as a powerful corps of messengers.

Master Class

The Breakthrough Messaging Master Class: How to Craft a Marketing Plan that Moves People to Act Now

When Nancy Schwartz, nonprofit marketing expert and blogger at, first started to think about how to help New Zealand’s associations and charities strengthen their marketing impact, marketing planning was at the top of her list.

She believes strongly that the right marketing plan serves as the foundation of your daily marketing work, and is the most reliable way to make practical, realistic and strategic decisions in prioritising marketing opportunities, saving you time, effort and anguish. Most importantly, you’ll find that a clear and comprehensive marketing plan is the straightest path to messaging that motivates your target audiences to act now. These advantages are absolutely crucial in this time of decreased budgets and increased competition.

Now Nancy has found a way to help you create this crucial blueprint to work from, just in time… Please join her for this special opportunity to master your 2011 marketing challenges and immerse yourself for three and one-half hours in this intensive, limited-enrollment master workshop. You’ll learn to:

  • Strip away the muddle messages and impossible to-do lists that diminish your marketing impact.
  • Use the key components of an effective nonprofit marketing plan.
  • Fine-tune your organisational and marketing goals.
  • Pinpoint the target audiences you need to reach to meet your marketing goals, and the segments within each audience that share important characteristics.
  • Understand your real target audiences--Only by getting to know what matters to your target audiences, will you connect.
  • Develop a profile (a persona) of a representative member of one of your target audience segments.

But that’s not all. You’ll have the opportunity to complete three steps critical to the success of any marketing plan with hands-on planning exercises that will give you a jump start. You’ll:

  • Define an effective call to action—You’ll learn to craft a productive and practical call to action.
  • Outline the benefits for your target audiences—what they’ll get by acting--and what barriers may stand in their way.
  • Craft a powerful elevator pitch—the 60-seconds-or-less message that you use more than any other to reach new prospects or strengthen relationships with existing members and supporters.

You’ll exit the workshop with:

  • An outline of a focused, practical marketing plan that will work for your association or charity–one that you understand, have partially completed and are fully capable of building out and bringing to life.
  • A clear understanding of whom you’re reaching out to.
  • The messages that will motivate them to act now.
  • The skills to develop breakthrough messaging for specific programs, products and services.

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